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Aug 11, 2006

Your director's list of task, abridged

Here is what is on my project list. I realize this is not going to be interesting to everyone, but if you’re wondering how your director fills his work days, here it is. The list is not prioritized.

  1. Fall schedule. It has a number of unresolved issues.
  2. Helix to Banner conversion. This is a biggie. We maintain Helix database that needs to be phased out during this academic year, because it is a Mac-only database, and new Macs will not support it. But Banner is also new, and IT is very busy trying to make it work. We need a comprehensive review of all program and licensure procedures. I am chipping away at this task, while learning the programs.
  3. The printing/copying savings. To save some money for travel fund, we need to cut down on these costs. This cannot be done overnight, but rather gradually, so our faculty, students, cooperating teachers and others get used to electronic form of communication.
  4. The book of policies. I am trying to spell out the rules that will govern our school’s operations: scheduling, workload assignments, evaluations, tenure and promotion, expectations, etc.
  5. Web site redesign: the basics are there, but a lot of work remains: see
  6. Program development. We have several projects in works in various degree of completion.
  7. Doctoral degree – I suggested a number of revisions of the existing and well-developed proposal (Thanks, Linda, Michael, and Fred).
  8. Early Childhood PTEP. We will try to develop a joint program with Aimes or another community college.
  9. Revision of MAT. It is just an idea (Fred again), to redefine the existing MAT so that along with the Elementary specialization, there would also be Ed Studies of C&I specialization for secondary teachers.
  10. Another just an idea – a certificate in Middle School for teachers, a state-wide on-line program (Barb).
  11. iWebfolio: We are working with Elementary, and will start working with Secondary faculty on implementing the new on-line portfolio system, which should help us collect and analyze data for accreditation purposes, and just for fun. Data party? Data Picnic?
  12. My own syllabus for EDF 366.
  13. Learning URSA.
  14. Program procedure review. This sort of relates to number 3, but is wider in scope. The idea is to simplify and streamline all procedures, using Banner, e-mail, and website so that the office staff and program coordinators are liberated from much of routine and boring work.

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    All these projects are exciting because they move UNC forward. In your spare time would you consider UNC as a site for adolescent literacy. CDE is looking for an institution that will be their connection for this area.