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Feb 22, 2015

The Russian Spring

Outside the equator belt, everyone knows the seasons. And yet we somehow manage to be surprised. OK, we need to be surprised by the seasons. The fans of The Rocky Horror Show, who come to see the film again and again, every Saturday. Many people go to church every week to hear exactly the same liturgy, with only minor variations. All of these strange ritualistic compulsions of our species have to do with the seasons, a random tilt of our planet’s axis. We stare at the very familiar, and expect discover yet something new, fully knowing it is going to be the same. We crave unpredictability, and hate it. Humans, you’re addicted to it.

Just in the last couple of days, the delicious edge between the dirty melting ice and pavement started to give off the faint smell of spring. And like millions of Muscovites, I can’t help wondering if it is for real. It is not like we doubt the spring is coming, we’re just not sure if this is the day. It is early; still February. It might get cold and snow again, but not like in Colorado, where the spring snow storm is almost a given. But it does not matter anymore, for we all inhaled spring, with relief.

It was a rather mild winter, with little snow, and just a few cold days; unlike in the American East Coast. But it was a wretched, putrid political season in Russia, with the most hateful media scene. So many ugly heads emerged from their shitholes and suddenly gained a voice. Some beastly TV politicos talk about the world war on the main TV channel. And somebody lets them. They look for the fifth column, and the state has slowly started to build an apparatus to indulge their paranoid fantasies. Thousands of people have died in a horrendously stupid, pointless war in Ukraine. My government has provoked the war, it has been fanning the flames, and now does not seem to be able to stop. And it is all done in my name, with my taxes. It feels like the thin layer of mud on Moscow streets.

Even a change in weather would be good. We also need a different set of people in power. These guys are completely incompetent.