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Feb 8, 2013

Things to do during storm

To do 

  1. Watch bad movies out of Red Box 
  2. Play board and/or video games 
  3. Snack 
  4. Drink tea, then wine, then whisky 
  5. Look out the window 
  6. Remember previous storms’ stories 
  7. Wear pajamas all day 
  8. Play with the dog and/or cat 
  9. Watch nice houses on coastline flooded 
  10. Catch up on Facebook 
  11. Fantasize about the end of the world and your survival strategies 
  12. Write a very short blog 

Not to do

  1. Any kind of useful work 
  2. Walk the dog 
  3. Drive anywhere 
  4. Answer work-related emails 
  5. Clean the house 
  6. Watch good movies 
  7. Wear nice clothes (skip the shower, too) 
  8. Exercise 
  9. Shovel driveway 
  10. Stock on food, water, and batteries 
  11. Watch the Weather Channel 
  12. Grade

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