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Jun 14, 2013


Saying goodbyes is an interesting experience. One rule seems to be - De profectus nil nisi bonum. Even though it reminds eulogies at a funeral, I like it! My colleagues have given me a wonderful Memories Blog of Sasha, with so many very thoughtful and kind comments and wishes. Thank you all for your warmth and welcoming spirit. RIC and its people have given me great three years. I have learned a lot from you all. Despite the eulogies, I am also aware of the many mistakes I have made. And if I offended someone, please forgive.

Unlike dead people, I will have an e-mail account, and you could always find me on my website Keep in touch. I will be very interested to know how some of the projects we started together turned out. I am also willing to help and answer questions, especially with numerous moving pieces of technology we’re using. But also, if any of you need advice, help, or a couch in Moscow, don’t hesitate to write.

There is the question of this blog. I started it in Colorado, in 2006. It has 292 posts including this one, and shows a little over 80,000 page views. Some of them are from robots that crawl the blogosphere for who knows what purposes. Most of the traffic, however, is from my colleagues, because I usually write about my work-related experiences and whatever random thoughts in relation to it. It started as a management tool, more or less. But it became something more for me, a discipline, like yoga or running or tai chi are for other people. No matter what, I will write a few sentences, no matter how poorly conceived and misspelled. It actually helps a lot to keep my mind sane (although this may be a self-delusion).

Anyway, I thought I would switch to Russian, for many of my future colleagues do not read English fluently. At the same time, I wanted to keep in touch with my American friends, most of whom do not read Russian. With John’s and David’s (and white wine’s) help, a compromise was found last night– I will alternate languages, and see how it goes.

Actually, Blogger has a translation tool. If you hover over right side of the screen, a menu slides out, and the top button instantly translates the text. It is still quite awkward, although immeasurably better than some ten years ago.

OK, enough already. Thank you all again, and if I don’t see you next week, good luck and goodbye.

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  1. Интересный пост! В России редко кто пишет полноценные заметки, в основном популярен Twitter. Надеюсь, что в Москве Вы не измените себе и мы сможем Вас регулярно читать и откликаться!