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Jul 2, 2006


This blog is for the faculty and staff of the School of Teacher Education, University of Northern Colorado. By definition, it is also open to anyone on the web, although I am not worried about unwanted attention.

As your rookie director, I will try to share my thoughts, musings, and observations. Transparency is good for any transition, so I will strive to be transparent. Hopefully, this will allow us all to avoid mistakes and get the School where we want it to be.

Feel free to ignore the blog or give me feedback - both here (your responses become public) and privately through e-mail.

My first official action will be to thank Karon, Layne, and Meredith for a nice office, wonderful furniture, and little things like pens and sticky notes - they all make me feel welcome and somewhat important. Michael, the tech guy, has set me up with a nice computer.

It will take a while for me to learn everything about this School and its programs, but I am not at the zero mark either, thanks to Karon, Linda, Vicky, and Marita who started my crash course on the School's affairs. I plan to meet with all faculty individually, and if you're around in the summer, let's think about having a chat sometime soon. My intention is to have an open-door policy: if the door is wide open -- come in for anything, including small talk. If it is half-open, come in if you need to talk. If it is open just a bit - come in if it cannot wait. If it is shut, I am probably not there at all. Of course, Karon and I can both set specific appointments.

I am looking forward to solving the puzzle called STE and hope you all can help me with that. I am excited about the new job and its challenges, and hope to do some good, with your help.

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